Random thought of self-reflection

I change my mind a lot and I am stubborn. My amazing mother would tell you, I also like to learn everything the hard way. Side note: this is why I don’t have any tattoos and should keep it that way. Some days I want to run 365 days straight. Then some days I want to just focus on increasing my distance. Some days increased speed is more my goal. UGH. Why can’t I just focus on one thing? Running is such a process. It’s hard! But, the feeling I receive when I am finished is absolutely priceless! It’s a high I have never experienced! So, one thing I have learned is to take it day by day. Just always keep running! Keep seeking the high!

2 thoughts on “Random thought of self-reflection

  1. So impressed with your story, almost makes we want to try it out myself. Almost! Lol. In all seriousness though your enthusiasm is contagious, who knows maybe some day I will call and ask to join you on a run.


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