Enjoy the good moments in your life

Life is good for me right now. I can’t remember a time when I was happier. My life is full. I think it’s important to enjoy these moments in life. Because there have been times where I have felt true despair and grief. Now I am so grateful to feel such effortless happiness.

I am training for my first half-marathon. I am at the point where I can run a 10k without stopping. Each week until my half-marathon race (June), I am going to increase my mileage by 10%. I have also increased my running to 4 days a week. 3 days I pull back and run anywhere from 3 to 5 miles each day. The last day of the week, I run my long run with my 10% increase. It has been working out quite well. My pain is decreasing and so is my average heart rate. My average pace is slowly increasing; however, speed is not my main concern. I feel the best I have ever felt. Physically and mentally. Why hadn’t I found running years ago?

I need to incorporate more cross training and strength training. UGH!! Why is this so difficult for me? I DO NOT EVER want to do anything besides running. Not to mention that I have very little to no free time. I really need to force myself to. Even if it’s a bike ride and yoga once a week. It would make a world of difference.

Tomorrow my love and I are going for our normal long run in a new location. I will post pictures on IG. Sooooo looking forward to it! Happy weekend!

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