It’s been so long – 6 month update

SmartSelect_20181024-145351_InstagramI can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I’ve last posted a blog. Life has just gotten in the way. In May of 2018, I developed bursitis of the right knee. It was extremely painful and caused me to have to stop running for 12 weeks. I had to go to physical therapy and rest. It was TORTURE! Running is my stress-reliever and my release from life. It was downright depressing. I had to stay off Instagram because all of the running posts made me jealous. I also struggled with a lot of negative emotions and self-doubt. Nevertheless, with patience, help from my awesome man, and cross training, I was able to start running again.

This weekend I am doing my first race since my injury. I am doing the 10k event at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. Words cannot express my excitement. It’s also my first time at our nation’s capital. I just pray I make it through with no pain! The weekend after that, I am running my first Ragnar in Napa Valley. I am even more nervous about that. Last minute they changed my leg distances to 6 miles further than before. If I can make it through both with no injuries, I will be incredibly happy!


I am now constantly fearful of injuring myself. I haven’t been cross training enough because of lack of time. In addition, I still get knee pain here and there. I can’t help but feel super negative sometimes. It feels like so many runners never are injured and don’t have to deal with the pain I do. I cannot see how I could ever get to the point of running a full marathon. However, these are all normal emotions. I know everyone experiences injuries at some point; it just feels like my body isn’t where it should be. One day at a time.

Cruise PicOn a positive note, life is good. I stay busy with two full-time jobs, school, running, family, and friends. I’m really lucky to have a boyfriend who loves and supports me through everything. My family is my rock and my friends are a family I’ve made. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of life. I’m most certainly guilty of it. I really try to find the time to feel gratitude and take the time for myself. Running is my therapist. I wish I were running right now!! Hello FALL! 🙂

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