I finally reached my goal!!


Ever since becoming a runner nearly two years ago, my goal was to run a half-marathon. Although, after suffering two back to back injuries, I thought that this goal just may be unattainable for me. But, with patience, cross-training, love and support from my man, and personal dedication, I ran my first half-marathon at Gasparilla 2019.  In fact – I did the Gold Challenge. I ran the 15k on Saturday and the half-marathon on Sunday. Let me tell you it was not easy. I barely made it through on Sunday. I had a total half-marathon time of 3:07 – yikes! In my defense, my whole body hurt from running the 15k the day before and I was sick. I came down with a fever the next day and was bedridden for a couple of days. Not fun. But, nonetheless, I was super proud of myself.


Next month we went to New Orleans to run the Best Damn Race half-marathon. I loved that race! I got a PR by 35 minutes!! Now that was more like it. I have an appropriate time to PR from in the future. Now that I’ve reached this goal, I have been pondering on what my next goal is. Do I want to train for a marathon? Not sure. I think I want to run at least 5 half marathons first. And I want to finish under 2:05 before considering it. Maybe 13.1 miles is the perfect distance for me and I will never strive for more. Or maybe I will. For now, I am happy to just be running again. At the moment, I am only half crazy!

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